as de bastos ACE OF WANDS
Good news: perhaps an invitation, a phone call or a letter that brings the announcement of some pleasurable activity or a productive encounter tht leads to the beginning of a successful enterprise involving money or family interestes.
Reversed meaning
This is the card of the false start: perhaps a new enterprise was cancelled, a journey deferred or a joy clouded. Take a look at how a promising begining was sidetracked and make an effort to begin again on the right path.
dos de bastos TWO OF WANDS
This card indicates power, wealth and influence, as well as science and reason, but at the expense of emotional well-being. The result is more fatigue than success. Pay more attention to your home life and loved ones and avoid taking on more responsabilities than you can handle.
Reversed meaning
An unespected event astounds you, whether it be wonder, enchantment, worry or fear, by appearing without warning in the midst of otherwise calm surroundings.
tres de bastos THREE OF WANDS
An established professional or experienced person becomes an ally or partner in some venture: Friendship and cooperation leads to a successful enterprise.
Reversed meaning
Troubles and strifes ceases as an unpleasant situation or enemy is removed. Although the difficulties and obstacles are suspended, restrain any feelings of arrogance or ambition that may lead to the return of toils and disappointment.
cuatro de bastos FOUR OF WANDS
Peace, repose and harmony are the results of a perfected work. A well-earned rest or happy celebration are the result of a successfully completed project or courtship. Happy retirement or marriage, happy celebration or achievement.
Reversed meaning
This is the only card of the deck without a reversed meaning.
cinco de bastos FIVE OF WANDS
Competition in the healty sense. There are obstacles to be conquered, but these are not matters of life and death, rather they are ordinary struggles of life.
Reversed meaning
Generosity and cooperation, disputes settled, good working relationships and opportunity of partnership.

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