sota de copas PAGE OF CUPS
An innocent and studious youth given to flights of fancy who is willing to render service to you. This card also indicates the arts, meditation, some news, the birth of a child or a girl with brown hair and blue or hazel eyes.
Reversed meaning
This youth practices deception and seduction and has little desire for real work. Potential obstacles or an unfaithful lover.
caballo de copas KNIGHT OF CUPS
He is an ardent lover and dreamer, a passionate suitor who may bring an invitation or proposition or a message of love. It may represent a boy with brown hair and blue or hazel eyes.
Reversed meaning
He is a swindler and cheat, an unreliable person who may be a bearer of some fraud or unsound proposition.
reina de copas QUEEN OF CUPS
She is an honest woman, loving, devoted and fair who represents a happy home and success. This card may represent a woman with blonde hair and blue eyes.
Reversed meaning
She is a perverse character, intelligent, but immoral and depravated, she is not to be trusted. This card warns against immorality and dishonor.
rey de copas KING OF CUPS
Creativity, generosity, equity and interest in art and religion. He is a kind and considerated man, creative, intelligent and willing to take responsibility, he may has blue eyes and blonde hair.
Reversed meaning
He is a crafty scoundrel, a powerful man who hides his violent nature beneath a calm exterior. Beware of double-dealing or being robbed of either virtue of money.

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