as de espadas ACE OF SWORDS
This is the card of the dilemma: there’s a choice indicated between two options, both undesiderable. The choice to do nothing can be sometimes a wise one and it’s a decision within itself. Don’t waste energy fretting over the decision, because direction is needed even if only to say one will not choose sides.
Reversed meaning
Disloyality and duplicity. Beware of emposters or a dormant situation that may begin to become worse. Have sympathy for those in trouble, but don’t compromise or overextend yourself on another’s behalf.
dos de espadas TWO OF SWORDS
Some unpleasant information or unhappy situation may come your way: whatever it is, it will pass as quickly as it came. For someone who relishes a good fight this card denotes conquest and an increase in power, perhaps an indicatio that one shoud bring a lawsuit, dispute a wrong or even invade another’s domain. Another meaning of this card is the birth of a male child.
Reversed meaning
This card warns against picking a fight. A confrontation or ultimatum could lead to a disastrous loss. Altough one may be clearly right, remember that the race is not always the swift. Compromise, rather than confrontation is the only way to deal with a situation one cannot win.
tres de espadas THREE OF SWORDS
Stormy love relations, tears, separation strife and discord could be only a rough period in a relationship, but often this card means a break or a parting. Perhaps two will be separated by circumstances that neither can control, but if there’s a break, remember that a clean cut heals the fastes. Reversed meaning
There’s confusion, alienation and distraction, but it results more from misunderstandings and bad communication. Some works need to be done to patch up a relationship, but things are not yet at an end.
cuatro de espadas FOUR OF SWORDS
This card indicates the need for meditation. Take time out to give your mind a needed rest from the everyday life. Replenish your inner strenght and end your weariness by taking time to sort things out alone.
Reversed meaning
The situation calls for wise administration and circumspection. There’s a renawal of activity, maybe some improvement, but caution is still needed.
cinco de espadas FIVE OF SWORDS
Danger: there’s a way out of the situation, but not without a struggle. Be on guard against unfairness, dishonor and cruelty. Possible defeat or loss caused by an enemy.
Reversed meaning
A loss , a defeat or an unpleasant situation that must be dealt with. Hollow victory or an event of sorrow such as a funeral.

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