He is a man of will power and competence. Use your will to seize opportunities and create your destiny. The tools are at hand to achieve your goal and with practice and concentration success is guaranteed. An exciting new venture of friendship may be in store.
Reversed meaning
Uneasiness, confusion and deceit abound, beware of a possible swindle or a deceiving individual, perhaps a young man.
la sacerdotisa  THE HIGH PRIESTESS
Secrets and hidden feelings and subtle influences are at work. She is a woman of great quiteness and depth. This card, the one of artists, mystics and poets, can often indicate an exploration of one’s personal feelings and desires. Perhaps someone is too secretive or cautious in dealing with a situation, or maybe discretion and restraint are appropriate.
Reversed meaning
Sensual passion, reckless action or a casual affair is indicated.
la emperatriz  THE EMPRESS
She is the mother, representing fertility, creation and birth. Nowis the time for newideas and initiative. Begin to work on what you want, for what you need will be provided. Success and good fortune are indicated, as well as happy relationships, luxury, creativity and contentment
Reversed meaning
Inaction and infertility, quarrels or disagreements.
el emperador  THE EMPEROR
He is an authority figure, representing the father as a symbol of power and success. This is the card of a person who possesses reason and stability, ambition and leadership are rewarded, but guard against arrogance and obstinance.
Reversed meaning
Obstruction, immaturity and a loss of control are indicated. Take a good look at the situation and face up to its realities. This card may also represent a benevolent or compassionate person, perhaps a parent or authority figure, who is sympathetic to you, but unable to help. You must rely only on yourself to see your way through the situation. Inaction and infertility, quarrels or disagreements.
el sumo sacerdote  THE HIGH PRIEST
He is a trustworty guide of true intuition, good alliances, beneficial partnerships and successful marriages are indicated, as well as a helpful advice or unexpected aid from a friend or a person of a pleasant religious or spiritual nature.
Reversed meaning
Unconventionally and an openess to new ideas are indicated: this is the card of the inventor or rebel. Challange the preconceived notions and go your own way, for the normal rules do not apply to this situation. This card may also indicate a friend with good intentions who gives bad advice of fail to meet expectations.

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