los enamorados  THE LOVERS
Attraction, love and beauty. A union with someone is indicate, perhaps a choice needs to be made. Follow your heart, for the nature of the situation is emotional and involves acting on one’s true feelings, but try not to be swept off your feet by the happiness of the relationship.
Reversed meaning
When emotions and feelings are erratic, one’s good managment is blurred. Stabilize your emotions and make a decision calmly with your head, not your heart.
el carro THE CHARIOT
Triumph over adversity. Enemies are beaten and obstacles overcome. The Charioth express energy, health, strenght, activity, as well as a liking for travel, the arts, personal freedom and self-control.
Reversed meaning
Unpleasant news. This is the card that asserts its authority without being strong.
justicia THE JUSTICE
She is a wise woman with a well-balanced mind and a strong sense of right and wrong. Justice will be served, wrongs will be righted, lawsuit won. Turn away from wrong ideas, bad habits and frivolous pursuits and follow your true course.
Reversed meaning

Injustice and inequality, perhaps bigotry or bias is indicated. Guard against judging others too harshly, or showing favoritism or don’t expect a fair decision from someone who is biased.
el ermitaño THE HERMIT
He is a man for wisdom and caution. While prudence may sometimes create obstacles, it can keep you safe as you venture into dangerous or unfamiliar territory. This card may indicate a spiritual journey or a time of quitness and reflection.
Reversed meaning
Bureaucracy and indecision result in delay and inactivity. Take charge of the situation and act without further discussion or hesitation.
la rueda de la fortuna THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE
Good fortune and success are indicated: fate smiles and your look changes for the better. Better conditions and better opportunities for gain arise through pure chance.
Reversed meaning
A setback or streak of bad luck is indicated. Avoid taking foolish chances and learn from your mistakes. However, cautions and wise efforts or investments will lead to steady progress and increase. Rely on your experience, not chance for success.

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