seis de espadas SIX OF SWORDS
This card indicates a rest after a trying ordeal. Have faith that the future will be better and let go of your present anxieties. Possible journey to a new home or an undertaking that involves distant travel.
Reversed meaning
Take care and guard against recklessness in travel or sport for this card warns for a possible accident. Use caution in all undertakings and avoid carelessness.
siete de espadas SEVEN OF SWORDS
There’s a secret plan underfoot that is based on unethical or corrupt motives. Protect your valuables, this card is a warning against thiefs, cheating and spying.
Reversed meaning
Sudden good, perhaps in the form of sound advice or instruction. Someone you underestimate may surprise you with wisdom or good character.
ocho de espadas EIGHT OF SWORDS
A crisis imposes restraint and limitations. Difficulties to see the way through a situation that may cause a loss of prestige or suffering. Take care in all matters of health and business and avoid any binding agreements Reversed meaning
There’s freedom from prior bondage, new beginnings are now possible as one relaxes after a period of fear. The old chains and frustrations are gone.
nueve de espadas NINE OF SWORDS
Despair, pain and suffering, the situation is beyond your control and it’s agonizing over it will not help.
Reversed meaning
Recovery from sorrow or illness. Altough there has been suffering, it has been endured with patience andunselfishness. Now the healing has begun and better times are ahead.
nueve de espadas TEN OF SWORDS
Ruin, calamity and failure bring much pain and tears. The end comes in sorrow and disillusionment. Try to let go of the situation along with its disappointment and use the knowledge gained by the experience.
Reversed meaning
There is some success and profit, but these are only temporary. There will be changes for bad, the advantages will be soon lost.

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