seis de bastos SIX OF WANDS
There is success through industry indicate by this card, there may be good news of a victory or achievement or the aid of friends.
Reversed meaning
Beware of trachery and disloyality among friends, for that card indicates that rewards are delayed in the face of strife.
siete de bastos SEVEN OF WANDS
This is the card of valor, it signals negotiations, competition and success against opposition. You have the upper hand and will win through the courage of your own convinctions.
Reversed meaning
There is a decision to be made that is delayed because of anxiety, take no heed of what others may thik, but move quickly to deal with the situation. What you don’t know can hurt you and remaining indifferent to the situation can cause your harm.
ocho de bastos EIGHT OF WANDS
Messages are coming and going, things are moving at a rapid pace, ideas and opinons are exchanged as the situation hurries to a conclusion. There’s great haste and the need for much communication with others.
Reversed meaning Progress is hampered by jealousy and internal discord. Communication is needed to resolve the disputes that are stagnating the situation.
nueve de bastos NINE OF WANDS
There’s a pause in the struggle, a chance to redouble your efforts and regain the needed strenght to emerge the victor. You will gain knowledge and insight from this battle, but perseverance is needed to endure. This card denotes also a successful recovery from an illness as well as strenght, courage and determination.
Reversed meaning
Obstacles and struggles difficult to overcome. Take the necessary time to strenghten yourself both mentally and physically and prepare to defend yourself against possible adversity.
diez de bastos TEN OF WANDS
This card indicates one is oppressed by the burden of too much responsibility, be sure your are not using your power unwisely or for selfish ends. Take steps to lighten your burden and use your resources more wisely and the situation will resolve itself.
Reversed meaning
Intrigues, lawsuits and difficulties consume one’s energies, be on guard for a possible loss or separation.

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