A gift: perhaps in the form of money, a profitable piece of information or a successful business trip. Also denotes the beginning of wealth and prosperity.
Reversed meaning
This card warns of greed. Beware of speculation or bad business advice, even when the investments seems to be a sure thing. Avoid gambling or any attempt for easy money, for this card warns of a possible loss or sudden decrease of wealth through speculation. If sometimes sounds too good to be true, it is. On the other hand a shrewd investor accepts reversal as a part of business and may know how to reduce losses or even profit during a downturn by taking a safer position.
This cards indicates the ability to successfully balance more than one situation at one time, even those with competing interest, the result is success and joy, a harmony between family and professional.
Reversed meaning
The situation calls for forced gaiety and simulated enjoyment. Put your best face forward and act the way the others expect you to feel even though other concerns or problems may be weighing on you. Attending a social event that you don’t quite feel up to can help to can help lighten your emotional burden and bring much joy to others.
Hard work is rewarded with both money and recognition: a business relationship or professional development is indicated, along with a possible promotion or increase in standing by this card, the one of the master craftsman.
Reversed meaning
Beware of neglecting your professional life. Mediocrity and a lack of skill are indicated, quard against pettiness and weakness.
This is the card of miser. Guard against being ungenerous or insecure with your success, for this card indicates income and material success, but little more than clinging to what one already has. Another meaning of this card is a legacy or an inheritance.
Reversed meaning
This is the card of the spendthrift. Avoif foolishly wasting your resources and begin preparing for the uncertainties that may lie ahead.. Recognize that good times do not last forever, and begin saving for a rainy day.
cinco de oros FIVE OF PENTACLES
A possible loss of wealth is indicated, perhaps even unemployment. Recognize that you are not alone in your troubles and that you have the means to overcome material troubles and find creative ways to support yourself.
Reversed meaning
There is wealth regained after a struggle, perhaps new employment. This card also warns against wasting ones livelihood through gambling or extravagance. Don’t risk losing something that you work so hard to obtain.

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