seis de copas SIX OF CUPS
A visit or reminder from the past brings back happy memories. Follow your feelings as new romanticf possibilities emerge. Altough new friendships and new relationships arise, old ones are never forgotten.
Reversed meaning
Avoid clinging to the past and put aside worn-out habits and ideas. Disassociate yourself from worthless project and associates and seek out new experiences and situations.
siete de copas SEVEN OF CUPS
Take a good, realistic look at the situation, for this card warns of delusions and false hopes. Things are not what you imagine them to be and you would be better served by seeing things for what they are,not what they appear to be.
Reversed meaning
Determination and resolution are indicate: you know what you want and how to get it. You are following the right path and you have the willpower to see things through.
ocho de copas EIGHT OF CUPS
This is the card of the abandoned success and may also indicate a spiritual journey or a new path in life that begins by the rejection of one goal to embark on another. There is dissatisfaction the urge to reject the what is at hand. Resist turning away from the rewards that do exist, altough they may not be all that you desire, there is still much good present. Reversed meaning
Gaiety and carefree behavior, as well as an active social life and possible new love are indicate.
nueve de copas NINE OF CUPS
Make a wish and smile, for what you want will be yours. The wish card indicates well-being in all respects: physical, emotional andmaterial. Goodness abounds and there is much contentment and happiness.
Reversed meaning
Mistakes and miscalculations prevent the gaining of something desired. Realize that what one wants, one cannot always obtain and go on to other things. This card also cautions one to guard the health, especially in matters of eating and drinking.
diez de copas TEN OF CUPS
Contentment and lasting happiness that results fromtrue love that is inspired from above. Great friendships, lasting success, peace and love. Reversed meaning
This card warns of violence, wantonness and waste. Be on guard for the possible loss of a friendship pr betrayal or even the indulgence in perverse satisfaction or criminal activities.

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