as de copas ACE OF CUPS
Love is in the air, along with abundance, fortune and fertility. This card denotes the beginning of great joy and emotion fulfillment, perhaps a marriage and declaration of love. This lucky card also can symbolize fortune and success in any happy enterprise, as well as the birth of a female child. Reversed meaning
This is the card of the false heart and warns of unfaithfulness, perhaps resulting from a hesitancy to commit to a stronger union or an unwelcome end to a once pleasant experience.
dos de copas TWO OF CUPS
Passion and emotions run high as you approach what you have your heart set upon. This card denotes a strong union between you and another person in new love or friendship.
Reversed meaning
There are misunderstandings and disunity, guard against extravagance and self-indulgence, as well as false love and folly in emotional matters. There may be an ending of a love affair or frienship.
dos de copas THREE OF CUPS
A joyous celebration, perhaps a wedding. Great joy and revelry accompany the favorable conclusion of some task. The happiness results from the fact that what was set out to be done is achieved.
Reversed meaning
A situation comes to a speedy and reasonably fortunate end or is dispatched in a very agreeble way, but no cause for wild celebration. Warn against indulgence in sensual plasure of sex, food or drink.
dos de copas FOUR OF CUPS
This card indicates a stationary period in one’s life and boredom of dissatisfaction with one present circumstances. Make sure that you are not overlooking the possibilities for happiness and opportunities that are before you, outside aid may soon show offer you a chance at what you seek. Reversed meaning
New goals and new relationships are possible as you awake from a long period of contentment. Novelty and new ambitions excite you as new goals are formed.
dos de copas FIVE OF CUPS
There is some loss of affection and disappointment, but some still remains. Some matter of the heart has not gone the way you wished, be patient, things are not yet at the end, there’s still something left over.
Reversed meaning
Renewed enjoyment, perhaps the return of a friend or lover or exciting new alliances formed that bring hopeful expectations.

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