seis de oros SIX OF PENTACLES
This card indicates that rewards and success are shared justly among many, perhaps a profitable business meeting or the recognition one’s contribution to the syccess of a project.
Reversed meaning
This card warns against jealousy and envy of success. Beware of bad debts and money ill-spent and gifts given as of bribes.
siete de oros SEVEN OF PENTACLES
This is the card of waiting. There’s a pause in professional life, maybe a needed rest or a vacation. Be patient and allow your investments time to mature.
Reversed meaning
There’s anxiety arising from money, maybe a loan or investment that does not yield the expected returns. Guard against unprofitable speculations and projects that yield little gain, despite much work.
This is the card o the apprentice, it indicates learning a new skill or the beginning of a new undertaking that requires hard work and craftmanship. With patience and diligence, the sought after goal can be gained but the real reward is the plasure and knowledge learned on the way to accomplishment.
Reversed meaning
The card of the counterfeither warns again vanity and false ambition. Use your skills for something better than deceiving others by betraying your art, and beware also of usury and fraud in others.
nueve de oros NINE OF PENTACLES
Luxury, wealth and the enjoyment of the good things in life. There is material well-being along with the wisdom of knowing where one’s interests lie. Be prudent with your expenses and avoid the temptation to spend lavishly in your success.
Reversed meaning
Move with caution, for this card warns of a financial loss through the deceit of others. There may be a cancelled project, a promise made in bad faith, or danger from swindlers or thieves.
dies de oros TEN OF PENTACLES
This is the money card: now is the time to buy or sell, for you will get the price you want. There is great wealth and prosperity indicated, financial success and security are assured. It is also possible to receive an inheritance or property.
Reversed meaning
There is danger of a financial loss or a dispute over property that disrupts family life. Beware of games of chance, refrain from investing in any venture, guard against burglary and carefully check any legal document before signing. Insurance against risks is a wise course of action.

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