sota de oros PAGE OF PENTACLES
This youth is a scholar with respect for new ideas and learning who signifies application, good menagment and carefulness. This bearer of good news or money often represent a girl with black hair and dark eyes.
Reversed meaning
This youth represents dissipation and excess. Eware of wastefulness or news involving the loss of money.
caballo de oros KNIGHT OF PENTACLES
He is a man of upright nature who accepts responsibilities. Service, utility, trustworthiness and the coming and going of important matters of finance. This card may also represent a boy with dark hair and dark eyes.
Reversed meaning
He is a lazy, dull and timid man who warns of stagnation and idleness in one’s affairs.
reina de oros QUEEN OF PENTACLES
Opulence, trust, security and the good use of one’s talents. She’s generous and noble soul, a charitable woman who shares her good fortune with others, she may has dark hair and dark eyes.
Reversed meaning
She is a nervous and clinging woman, who fearing failure is a burden on others.This card warns against cowardliness, timidity excessive mistrust and delay in matters that demand immediate action.
Financial success, even temperament, intelligence and aptitude. He’s a succesful businessman, wise and trustworthy who sometimes keeps his opinion for himself. He may has dark hair and dark eyes.
Reversed meaning
He is a stupid and corrupt man who profits from bribery and he is given to gambling in other vices, dangerous when crossed. This card warns against wasting one’s talents or indulging in vices, or associates with people who do.

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