Here superior power subdue the adversary. Rely on your courage and inner strenght to overcome obstacles. Your will and determination will overcome the challanges, so have faith in your ability to see things through.
Reversed meaning
A lack of force and a fear for unknown are indicated here. Strenghten your resolve to rise above the discord. Guard against using your power to bully someone.
el colgado  THE HANGED MAN
Larger forces than yourself control your destiny. Guard yourself against sacrifices and setbacks. The situation calls for the wisdom to know that things beyond our control must be endured. Try looking at things from another point of view.
Reversed meaning
Avoid selfishness and blindly following the thoughless crowd with its self-serving opinions. Try to understand another feelings. Preoccupation with oneself can lead to wasted efforts.
There is an end, but with the promise of a new beginning. The situation comes to a close, perhaps in failure and disappointment. Learn from it and use that experience to guide you to new opportunities and ideas. There will be renewal and another chance.
Reversed meaning
Stagnation, inactivity or a withdrawal from the daily concerns of life. Use this rest from the normal pace to improve yourself to better meet more active times.
Harmony and good managment: success comes from approaching the goal with moderation and diplomacy. Balance is the key. Successful recovery from an illness or a happy ending to a difficult situation.
Reversed meaning
Disagreements and bad managment. Avoid involvement in losing situation or being caught in the cross fire of competing interests.
el diablo THE DEVIL
Evil influences, depression or bad dreams are indicated by this card. Beware of the malice of others and the negative feelings in everyone’s heart. Rid yourself of unhealty anxieties and learn from your adversities so that you may feel yourself from their bonds.
Reversed meaning
Freedom from bondage and material concerns. Be bold enough to escape from your troubles and overcome any pride or self-interest that holds you captive to the mundane.
la torre THE DEVIL
This card indicates a sudden realization or shock that shakes one out of complanency. Disillusionment and confusion are natural reactions to catastrophes and violent changes, but with the overthrow of the old way of life and an end to cherished notions, true enlightment can be gained. When one sees things the way they truly are, wisdom results.Reversed meaning
One gain what one wishes, but only at great cost. Be prepared for difficulties and hardships on the path to the goal, the way can be unpleasant and oppressive.

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