la estrella THE STAR
This is the healing card of unexpected aid and good fortune. Recovery and success are indicated, perhaps even a gift or surprise expression of love. Open your hart to others for gifts of the spirit are both given and received as you come in contact with your intermost desires.
Reversed meaning

Guard yourself against pessimism and stubborness in the face of an unexpected hindrance or an illness. Things are not bad as they seem and the situation requires a positive outlook and a realistic approach to adversity.
la luna THE MOON
The card of the hidden enemies and uneasiness warns you to be cautious and alert to possible deception. Danger, disappointment, perhaps even bad dreams or depression are caused by an hostile enviroment. Follow your good instincts to take steps to protect yourself from intrigue or error. In the face of change or calamity focus on the positive to ease your mind.
Reversed meaning
Imagination is often harnessed by to day to day realities of life. This is the card of the minutia and little toils that hinder us all. Take time to care all the details, so the mistakes do not cause large problems later. Take no risks, as you weather the little storms of annoyance before reaching your goal.
el sol THE SUN
Happiness, success and attainent. Obstacles fall away in the light of joy. This card also may represent broderhood, a happy marriage, a successful completion of studies, liberation, achievement and recognition.
Reversed meaning
Simple pleasures of life, but nothing runs over. Take time to enjoy the happiness and rewards of steady even progress. Altough it is not brashly trumpeted, the simple contentment of a quite success brings happiness and peace to everyone.
el juicio THE JUDGMENT
There is settlement to a long standing problem or a fresh start. A change in position or an important decision brings renawal. This is also the card of a life well lived or work well done. Be open to the new adventures coming at the successful end of the old.
Reversed meaning
Delay and confusion can only make a bad situation worse. The situation calls for clear thinking and conclusiveness. Work to bring the matter to a close and avoid the urge for a temporary fix when a full solution is needed.
el mundo THE WORLD
Success, completeness, reward and triumph in all undertakes.Perhaps success will lead to a change in residence, position or your outlook on life. Travels and living on a grand scale.
Reversed meaning
A goal is almost in grasp, but perhaps someone lacks the necessary courage to lift oneself out of a rut. You must take chances and make the necessary effort to obtain happiness, otherwise boredom and stagnation can result. Discard any fears of change or attachment to a present situation or job and follow true destiny to success. Action brings good fortune.
el loco THE FOOL
Full of innocence, folly, wild hopes and dreams, carefree and unplanned, the Fool’s own luck prevents a downfall. This card indicates an unexpected event or a piece of blind luck.
Reversed meaning
This card indicates an indiscrection or unwise action. Inattention to details, hesitation or hapathy can lead to trouble. Discipline and action are needed, despite the unpleasantness of the task.

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