sota de espadas PAGE OF SWORDS
This youth is a master of diplomacy and intrigue who is clever and resourceful, but also stubborn and given to saying unkind things. This card may represent plots and spying or a girl with brown hair and blue eyes.
Reversed meaning
This frivolous and devious youth tells stories that are unreliable. This card warns of gossip, unplesant surprises or possible illness.
caballo de espadas KNIGHT OF SWORDS
He’s a dashing young man with a clean heart and fierce courage, but it does no good to confront him because he’s too stubborn to listen. This card may represent the coming and going of some trouble or a boy with brown hair and brown eyes.
Reversed meaning
He’s a braggart, a tyrant and a bully who is always ready to start a fight or terrorize the helpless. He warns of arrogance and destruction, of blaming others for one’s own mistakes.
reina de espadas QUEEN OF SWORDS
She’s a severe and chaste widow, keen and subtle, kind but firm. This card warns of privation, absence and sadness, it may also represent a woman with grey hair and brown eyes.
Reversed meaning
She’s a narrow-minded gossiper and prude, a sharp-tongued shrew who warns against bigotry, malice and hostility towards new ideas.
rey de espadas KING OF SWORDS
He’s a stern, but fair judge who remains firm in enimity and friendship. He gives wise counsel and is a man of many thoughts and ideas. This card represents power, strenght and authority, as well as lawsuits and the military. It may also represent a man with brown hair and dark eyes.
Reversed meaning
Bad intentions, deceptions, disruptions,plots and machinations.He’s a barbarian, harsh, violent and cruel. Trusting no one, he uses evil and wickedness

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